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It was the most egregious example of the broken traditional healthcare system that I have ever seen. It was obviously meant as a joke when she wrote it, but it became her sad, true story when I discovered it just a few months ago.

The point of including her ominous words here is to illustrate how little medicine has really changed in the grand scheme of things. Medical professionals are clearly doing the same old thing in dealing with critical patients.

Adauga in cos De ce Forever? Imi plac calatoriile si vizitez multe locuri exotice si foarte calde.

They are constantly repeating the same mistakes they were making when my stepmother was a nurse decades ago. Some of the devices and drugs they use have changed, but their practices and procedures on treating dangerous conditions and diseases are still stale and tired.

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Kyle-Sidell still thinks ventilators are needed, but other experts insist it is a blood oxygen issue. It was a mess my father faced when there was no pandemic at all. Our problem is that there is always someone pushing the wrong product, procedure or equipment based solely on sales and manipulating numbers for investors.

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We see the warnings on the airwaves all the time. Watch a drug commercial and count the side effects while watching the people in the ad doing things that have no relation to the condition or alleviation of the symptoms.

This is the part where words like lymphoma get thrown out. How can we not see that capitalist medicine as we know it has no qualms about hurting people to make a profit?

Но ты жива лишь потому, что в твоем организме находятся зонды.

The drug commercials often tell you to consult a doctor before stopping the medication. This is how we end up with drugs like Fentanyl and Oxycontin that make both legal and illegal practitioners AKA Drug Dealers of health care a fortune while leaving broken lives behind them.

Our system promotes suffering to pad the bottom line.

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Lawsuits claiming the insecticide gave people cancer began sprouting up everywhere over the last couple years. It was not uncommon during this time period to see a RoundUp commercial actually selling the product right after or before a commercial for a law firm seeking to find people injured by pierdere în greutate guillain barre product.

So the media plays both sides of such issues and proves itself as always willing to profit off the misery of others.

The lawsuit commercials have since died down, but they still appear sporadically. My father always badmouthed glyphosate before he died last year. One of his favorite hobbies was gardening.

Annabelle by Logan Homes

His last spoken words to me were a reminder to make sure I watered his plants. Another toxic product he condemned was the one he knew killed his second wife.

My stepmother Jean died due to a fatal bleeding event in the hospital, which my father believed the medication Plavix was solely responsible for. During his own conscious time at the hospital, he refused the heart catheter because he knew they wanted to use Plavix on him.

I also refused for the same reason when nurses and doctors pushed me to OK the procedure after my father went under sedation.

One day I received a chilling call from a doctor with a heavy Russian accent. He was again insisting that I authorize the catheter. I refused again, explaining that my father would not ever agree to Plavix being used on him.

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I pushed back again and inquired as to if there was another way to do the procedure without the Plavix. It is safer. Here was a practicing doctor southeastern healthcare pierdere în greutate wilmington nc unwittingly that he was purposely pushing a medication on my father when he knew there was a much safer alternative.

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I also did not understand how such an invasive procedure could help my father with the real issue of his pneumonia. The Russian doc insisted that the catheter needed to be done since my father was having a heart attack on paper.

The results indicated otherwise. There was nothing they could do for his heart during the catheter procedure, and the damage they did find to his heart turned out to be minimal.

I later spoke with the ICU nurses a few days before my father passed away, and I told them I worried that they were shocking his system with all the sedatives and blood thinners they gave him.

Here was a man in their care who had no history of regular pharmaceutical use, and they kept on bombarding him with toxic, potent drugs. Ultimately they used similar painkillers and sedatives like Fentanyl to put him down like a house pet.

И куда мы летим.

I saw a man who wanted desperately to live when I visited my father before they southeastern healthcare pierdere în greutate wilmington nc him out.

He was conscious of his numbers on all the monitors and proud of the fact that they showed improvement. Pneumonia did not kill my father.

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The intubation, ventilation, catheter lampa eco subțire, and other medical issues he faced in his already weakened physical state is what really made recovery impossible. The toxic chemicals and drugs they flooded him with took him out of what should have been a conscious fight for his life.

The toxins we ingest as humans do not typically come from nature, unless of course you live near an active volcano. These toxins can poison our systems and infect our blood.

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One place toxins tend to collect and block proper flow and filtering of fluid is in the lymph system. Lymph fluid in sick patients often becomes stagnant, leading to degenerative diseases or conditions. So where are the medical products designed to liquefy the lymph and break down toxins trapped there?

The above image is the pictorial representation of the Somatidian Cycle, which a Canadian biologist named Gaston Naessens first identified after inventing and building a special microscope.

Vol 52 2009 2 PDF

These particles had 16 stages they would go through in a life cycle, and Naessens discovered that only the first three stages appeared in healthy people with no underlying diseases or conditions. I took a cycle of X myself that began on March 16th, I do have spiritual faith and believe in human kindness and taking up righteous causes for worthy people.

I just do not choose to worship any particular god or supreme being. Faith is not religion in that context. Faith is often just the strongly held belief that everything is going to work itself out and be fine. During my cycle of X I encountered an employee in my logging business who had all the symptoms of Covid His entire family was infected with the bug, or at the very least they all had serious flus.

My co-worker was even staying in my house during the days he suffered the worst fever and body aches.

Vol 52 2009-2 PDF

I continued to work with him, and I developed no symptoms of my own. I also made great strides in my workout routines during my 21 days on X. My daily runs became more effortless, my aches and pains from old injuries dissipated, and my reflexes improved.

Then I sustained a pretty serious injury to the tip of my index finger while splitting wood. It was the third week of injections, so I knew that X would play a role in my recovering from what appeared to be a shattered bone.

The injury happened while I was holding onto a piece of wood I just split, just about to lift it off the ground.